I am Tessa Booth. My husband, Matt, and I run The Bow Booth from our home in Clarksville, Tennessee.
We are the extremely proud parents of two gorgeous girls and a very handsome little boy. Matt & I met while serving together in the Army and decided to make the Ft. Campbell area our home after our time in the military ended. When we aren't doing business we enjoy getting out into the world and enjoying all the fun events and restaurants Clarksville has to offer! Check out my Local highlight on Instagram to follow our adventures and visit some of our favorite places with us!

I began making hair bows in high school when my oldest nieces were born. It seems odd to have a natural talent for tying bows, but I do!
I was the go-to hair ribbon tier for a lot of girls on my cheer squad! After high school I quit making bows but I still enjoyed tying pretty bows to add to Christmas and birthday presents.
After several years off, I found myself expecting a baby girl and making bows again! I've watched and read many tutorials, spent hours on Pintrest, and made lots of mistakes. For a while I only made bows for my girls and eventually gave them to friends as gifts.
With every gift, I was met with so much love and encouragement to start selling my hair bows. I thought about it for a long time before mentioning it to my husband and he was completely on board from the beginning! Just like that my little hair bow hobby became
The Bow Booth.
Bows are fun and incite happiness in lots of people. They bring me a lot of joy to make, and have been a great outlet for me as a stay at home mom. Seeing how much my bows are loved by others brings me a great deal of happiness as well. I have been asked before, "Doesn't it feel like you make bows all the time?" And the answer is NO. I usually wish I could spend more time making bows! I put a lot of happiness into my business and it seems to reach others through my bows, which turns around and comes right back to me to pour into my business.
Hair Bows & Happiness is our motto because that is just what we do!


We launched our website in July 2018 and had our first pop-up shop in June 2019. As of March 2020 we are available for sale in our first store front! We have learned so much in the last year and I am so excited for my little business and the growth we have achieved in such a short time! I have so many plans and so many ideas, I am very excited for the future of my little business!


If you would like to help support my business please head over to Instagram @thebowboothtn and our Facebook page (The Bow Booth) and like, share, and invite your friends to like our page as well!

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